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Clipping Expert Pro provide all kinds of all are image vector art & conversion service.Clipping Expert Pro is a world class Progress Graphics Design and Image Editing outsourcing company have 3 years of expertness and professional competence in Raster to vector art & conversion service. We provide raster to vector art & conversion service of your image or datum by using 100% hand drawn process with pen tool rather than auto-tracing.To reach our designers are beautified with the latest and handy software like Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, Flash, etc.Clipping Expert Pro create difference between a bitmap image and vector image is this: bitmaps are casting pixels while vector graphics are casting paths. A bitmap image employs a network of separate pixels where each separate pixel can be a different shade or color. In vector graphics, mathematical relationships between points and the paths connecting them, more than pixels, are used to describe an image. Our photo editing specialist can convert your raster (bitmap) image to a vector illustration within the shortest probable time. We can fully redraw your image by making use of the smallest number of points probable. The concept is to have as few points as probable to placement the size of the file as low as probable. These images will be retaining a high multiplication nevertheless.

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